Vision For Kenya
   Access to Healthcare

Vision for Kenya is a registered 501(c)(3) based in Chicago, Illinois. Our not-for-profit is dedicated to aiding healthcare centers and rural hospitals in Kenya.

We specialize in designing healthcare policy initiatives that expand the footprint of healthcare institutions in rural areas. We also assist in sourcing equipment for rural medical centers in order to facilitate their maximal operating efficiency.

Our strength and focus lies primarily in developing pragmatic rural healthcare policy. However, we also match donors of medical equipment with rural medical centers, and we excel at coordinating the transportation and distribution of these much-needed supplies. All medical supplies donated to Vision for Kenya are based on the specific needs of each mission, hospital or clinic, and all of our efforts are tailored towards treating patients in rural areas at minimal cost. Vision for Kenya takes pride in bringing great relief to rural Kenyans by serving the needs of the region’s healthcare facilities.

At Vision for Kenya, we work hand-in-hand with various missions, hospitals and clinics in order to ensure that we not only meet the immediate needs of rural medical institutions, but also that we make a long-lasting contribution and impact that will benefit rural communities for years to come.

We at Vision for Kenya not only have a vision for Kenya, we have the expertise and dedication to make our hopes and the hopes of many a reality. Check out ABOUT US and find out more.